The History of The Sash Window


History of The Sash Window The sliding sash window early became the Hallmark of Georgian houses, its mere proportions giving them their distinctive character and restfulness. Hinged wooden casement windows were also used, but sash windows had so many advantages practically and in looks that they became everyone’s ideal and would even be fitted to underground coal cellars. The double-sash window design, incorporating balance weights and lines moving over pulleys, was introduced from Holland towards the end of the seventeenth century. A few windows had been fitted in Paris, the name coming from the French word chassis, but Holland is the only European country besides Britain which still have sash windows in quantity: in Holland a short and generally immovable top sash and a very tall bottom sash is preferred to the British convention, which seems more pleasing to the eye, of having two sashes of equal size.   It

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